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Data BPO has associate partners with sophisticated scanning facilities across the country, presently scanning more than a million copies every day. The process of scanning is methodical and systematical, giving special importance to quality and accuracy maintained by major hardware and software tools.

Data BPO also offers the option of scanning your documents onsite. In this case, we scan documents where ever they are and these scanned images are forwarded to Data BPO for coding. Data BPO has all encompassing understanding of conducting online scanning. We have taken on projects for onsite scanning that have lasted from a few days to over a year.

The partners of DATA BPO possess one of the highest scanning capacities in United States. We have the capital and flexibility to transport the scanning process right to your door step. Our experienced and effective team can fly down to your site and work shoulder to shoulder with your employees, thereby providing an additional support to your workforce. We have a centralized warehouse from where all the documents of varying dimensions, colors and weights are sorted.

Data BPO offers also bates numbering.


Two methods for Bate numbering are followed.

In the manual bate numbering, tags, with or without barcodes, are used. They may be with or without encrypted text that is related to the information contained within the bar code.

Electronic Bates Numbers can be allocated in typical or non typical manner.

  1. Each box has a single source
  2. The numbers are in order and increase by one.
  3. There is no link between manual bates number (tags) and the electronic numbers.
  4. Any modifications are numbered again before discharging the consignment, after scanning.
  1. Trails Variances
  2. Uses linkages between a physical bates number and the electronic number
  3. Comprises dissimilar sources of information within one box
  4. Follows non-sequential means for numbering

Data BPO has tried and tested capabilities in mechanization of the numbering of Bates electronically. We follow a method right from the first page. This page has its number marked electronically. This electronic addition of numbers on every page of document continues for the whole set of documents. The bates number for each page increases by one, ensuring the inclusion of every page.

This is to acknowledge your excellent service that we received from your Pomona office. Your team has been really professional. They were able to understand our needs and also provided solutions which we had not received from our earlier vendor.

Edward Miller

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Our Consultants will tell you in imple- menting litigation support services.
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