quality check for litigation

At Data BPO, the quality check phase holds a lot of importance. To ensure quality we at Data BPO provide:

  1. Broad training and practice to unitizers and coders
  2. Quality control and quality guarantee staff work on an assignment-by-assignment basis, customized for each of the client’s needs.
  3. Each document is appraised by a Quality Assurance Consultant to guarantee project-wise reliability after the assessment is completed by Document Coder and Quality Control Experts
  4. 100% quality evaluation of coded notifications vis-à-vis images.
  5. Algorithmic insertion for certain field such as dates.
  6. Multi-level phase processes – page wise, field based and random sampling.

Quality process

The 3-step process that we follow in Quality management method

  1. Internal examination
    • Input revision
    • Query record - explanation
  2. Internal Process Checks
    • 100% Scrutiny
    • List of names, items, points for concern
    • Names, Spell, Restricted Characters
  3. Final
    • Sampling QA
    • Set-up

Added benefits that makes Data BPO a reliable name in the field of data entry service provision

  1. Flawless client specific and assignment specific flexibility
  2. Reports generated as per the demands of the client
  3. Round the clock assistance
  4. Committed towards task received
  5. Query Log
  6. Costs one-third of those of the local US rates.
Standard objective Fields
1 Title
2 Document Type
3 Date
4 Author
5 Recipient
6 CC
7 Document
8 Characteristics

DataBPO is the first litigation coding firm we have found that meets our needs for database design and litigation support on a lucrative basis. They have the proficiency skills to converse with our team in terms we can all understand and use. This is something that is, as it should be--skills you actually need, delivered accurately and proficiently, only when you really need it.


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Our Consultants will tell you in imple- menting litigation support services.
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Our Consultants will tell you in imple- menting litigation support services.
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