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Coding is the procedure of inputting specific information from a document into case specific objective and subjective database fields. Coding and imaging services from Data BPO assist in imparting accuracy and timeliness throughout the litigation coding process. We do realize that any document may hold critical information; your customer may be searching for. Hence Data BPO’s committed litigation coding professionals undergo exclusive training to recognize the distinctive aspects of each mission.

Data BPO’s coding service consist of

  1. Objective Coding (Bibliographic coding)
  2. In the process of objective coding, the coding of the documents is done based upon the information that you select which comprises of to/from names, date of the document, title of the document etc. Data BPO can also process your compilation to remove those documents which have no value.

  3. Subjective Coding (Advanced coding services)
  4. Subjective Coding service is a more wide ranging service that provides a database with the information of the source of the document (bibliographic) and related data, estimating values like requested words or names by reviewing each page of each document line-by-line.

  5. In-text Coding
  6. In- text coding services involves capturing the data part within the body of the document. Coding information that is referred in the individual document are names, locations, important numbers and dates etc.

I was involved in an important fast case when my assistant fell sick and all my work started shattering. Then, my colleague suggested me DataBPO’s litigation coding service. Thanks DataBPO, today I am more comfortable and concentrate more on my cases.

James Williams, Attorney

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Our Consultants will tell you in imple- menting litigation support services.
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Litigation Coding Services
Our Consultants will tell you in imple- menting litigation support services.
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